About the Centre

The Whole Body Wellness Centre (WBWC) was founded in 1999 under the name Bloor West Village Acupuncture & Shiatsu Clinic.  The name of the centre changed to WBWC in 2015 to encompass the variety of services offered.  

Inside holds 5 practitioners, each offering varied holistic skills that may assist you in your healing journey. Each practitioner manages their own business on the 2nd floor above the long time standing, LING'S. The centre is open 6 days a week and bookings are by appointment only (see how in the Practitioner section).  The practitioners work together in that they encourage diversity in their client's treatment so you may wish to see more than one or they may refer you to combine treatments with another. 


GREN (Green)

5-Piece Series - By Megan Ewing

Supporting our Artists

Do you like to view and/or support local artists?  Here at the centre, you will see artwork from in and around the community.  Currently, photographyer Megan Ewing has a 5-piece series displayed entitled GREN.  You are welcome to view these works during opening hours.  Any potential buyers can contact the artist's directly. Their bios and contact information are available at the centre. 

Past Works